Pre-Register 2021/2022

To ensure HomeLife Academy (HLA) is the right school for your family, please read the following information concerning the policies and operations of HLA.

  1. HLA bylaws and policy, as prescribed by our Board of Directors, restricts the enrollment of students where the following applies: truancy, suspension, expulsion, and misdemeanors.  HLA reserves the right to deny enrollment or may place your student in our Archway Program with conditional enrollment and requirements if any of these apply. Please call our office to discuss your options.

  1. HLA will review the student's records once they have been received from their previous school. Students whose records show any of the following may be placed in our Archway Program or withdrawn if it is determined that HLA is not the best fit for the student: (1) failing grades in core courses (ex. english, math, science, social studies), (2) GPA below 2.0, (3) disciplinary issues, or (4) the student is not on target for graduation. If any of these apply to your student, we recommend calling our office for approval before submitting your application.

  1. HLA has the right to determine which credits will count toward HLA’s graduation requirements when transferring from another school.

  1. I understand that I must re-enroll each year by the time school starts in my area or August 1...I must notify HLA if I do not plan to re-enroll for the new school year.

  1. HLA does not require annual standardized achievement testing and therefore does not offer annual standardized achievement testing.

  1. HLA does not provide curriculum or assignments. Parents are responsible for locating and ordering textbooks. (Counselors are available to assist with choosing curriculum).

  1. I understand that I/we as the parent(s) are responsible for posting grades and  attendance two(2) times per year -- January 15 and June 15.

  1. I understand that I/we as the parent(s) are responsible for insuring that my student is on track for graduation.  I understand that a counselor will complete an annual transcript review to assist me and it is my responsibility to make sure the review is completed and that I have made necessary changes and corrections to my plan.

  1. Parents of high school students should read the high school information on our website and complete the High School Planning Sheet. (Counselors are available to review planning sheets upon request).

  1. Students must complete the minimum graduation requirements in order to be awarded a diploma from HLA.

  1. HLA is for families who intend to home-educate through graduation. If your child chooses to transfer to a public or private school, that school may require placement tests to determine the student's grade placement and may or may not accept all credits completed while homeschooling.

  1. I understand that I/we as the parent(s) are responsible for the child’s education but may hire tutors or participate in coops, tutorials, etc as needed.

  1. Families must keep ALL information in their account up to date (especially email address) and read all emails from us in order to keep current with important information.

  1. Families should request all documents by using Request Manager located in their personal HLA account.  Click on myHLA at the top right of our homepage to access your account.

  1. I understand and agree to the fee structure as outlined on the Registration page at and understand that these fees are subject to change as posted on that page.

I have read and understand the HLA Refund Policy and understand that the application fee (new families) or the amount equal to that fee (re-enrolling families) is NON-REFUNDABLE.